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DETERMINE - My Life...My Story...My Pain [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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DETERMINE [Apr. 24th, 2006|01:21 pm]
[Current Location |SKSK- The City SLeeps In FLames]
[Current Mood |determineddetermined]
[Current Music |SKSK- The City SLeeps In FLames]

AS I listen to SKSK, and think about her, I get this feeling of determination, that one day I will show her who I can be, and it will blow her away... Smirk falls across my face... Becuase I know I can do it... I havent told anyone this, execpt for meghan, but I was reading Henry Rollins, Get in the van, and I want the life they lead. In the book he explains, how they never knew when they'd eat, or where they'd sleep. Then he talks about the shows and how amazing they where... I want that, most ppl, that would be the last way they want to live, I want to sacrifice for something I love...Music, playing music... I would give anything to live that life... Its all I think about, I know I have to get a job save up money, and use my creative energy to but I band together that will blow everyone away... I know lennons good, really really good, And I know I can sing really good, my voice will only get better with age, if we fill the other spots right, it could be fuckin magic... I can make it on my own, I know I can, and Im ready to show the world... All of you who doubt me, keep thinking that, and thats all I have to say... Becuase its you, who give me the energy to move on.